What's Shooting

What's Shooting

Several local production companies have completed shoots outside of the city in recent weeks, while others are working on local projects.

October took a three-man team led by Chris DeWinter and traveled to Amsterdam and Groningen, Netherlands and London, UK for Abbott, returning last week. They produced, shot and edited a package of videos based on "what makes a great team, great." They also talked with a world class R/D team who is leading intra-ocular lens development about some cutting edge technology and what the future might literally look like for the field.

Potenza Productions is creating a suite of videos for international plastic resin distributor M. Holland with branding agency Pivot Design. Directed by Rocco Cataldo and shot by Mike Kwielford, the videos feature inspirational partner stories. Look for the content to roll out in Q3, 2016.

STORY's directors are keeping busy this summer. John Komnenich is headed to Daytona Beach to shoot a spot for WyoTech, a Wyoming-based technical college, with Chicago-based agency Cossette. Also shooting is Director David Orr. He's working on a two spot package for AARP for GMMB in Washington, D.C.

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