Call Sheet: Napoleon Dynamite, Grasshoppers and Wrestlers

Call Sheet: Napoleon Dynamite, Grasshoppers and Wrestlers

GREAT GRASSHOPPER: Chicago filmmaker and commercial director Brad Bischoff is looking to shoot his first feature THE GRASSHOPPER in the city and surrounding suburbs this October or late fall. In THE GRASSHOPPER, a contractor ditches work to spend the afternoon honeymooning with his wife in their suburban paradise home. Bischoff's team includes actor/producer Malik Bader (who recently directed the Michigan-based thriller CASH ONLY), Frank V. Ross, Olivia Curry and Phil O'Neil. The film's Kickstarter is in full swing, click here to hop over and support this film.

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE GOES BOWLING: WHEN JEFF TRIED TO SAVE THE WORLD plans to go into production this July... specifically at the historic bowling alley that is Lan-Oak Lanes in Lansing, IL. This dramedy tells the story of college dropout Jeff, the manager of a bowling alley that is being threatened by corporate takeover. Jeff ventures on a trip of self-discovery as he becomes the hero charged with saving everyone’s jobs. Set to play the role of Jeff is NAPOLEON DYNAMITE star Jon Heder, cast includes PARKS & RECREATION's Jim O'Heir. Kendall Goldberg will direct and produce the screenplay she wrote with Rachel Borgo; team includes Co-Producer Jack Winter and Director of Photography Nico Aguilar. WHEN JEFF TRIED TO SAVE THE WORLD is currently in the financing stage and seeking equity investments, please email to inquire (no cast or crew submissions at this point, please).

SIGNATURE GETS MOVING: SIGNATURE MOVE shoots in Chicago in June, the first feature from director Jennifer Reeder, star Fawzia Mirza, Newcity's Chicago Film Project, headed by Brian Hieggelke, and production company Full Spectrum Pictures/producer Eugene Sun Park. SIGNATURE MOVE is an indie romantic comedy meets coming-of-age feature film about a Pakistani-Muslim-lesbian named Zaynab, who lives in Chicago taking care of her conservative-but-sweet TV-obsessed mother. Mirza proclaims, "This is a film directed by a woman, written by women and about women of color. This is an American story that everyone can enjoy and relate to, but one that also celebrates a breadth of experiences and identities not always given equal screen time: South Asian, Pakistani, Muslim, Latin, Mexican, LGBTQ, Women, Chicagoan." Their indiegogo campaign is currently 58% funded, click here to support this crowdfunding and put it over the top.

DOUBLE RAINBOW: Writer/Director/Producer David A. Holcombe and Assistant Director/Producer Heather Mingo of Soft Cage Films are in development for their next feature, RUNRAINBOW. RUNRAINBOW tells the story of Tim Cassidy, a struggling documentary filmmaker who is investigating poverty in Chicago when he stumbles upon what he believes is a massive real estate fraud in the community. Obsessed with putting together the story, he begins to find clues everywhere, including in his own subconscious mind. More from this production at

BUSY MONTH FOR DRAGONFLY: Made in Minnesota by a team led by Chicago-based actor, writer and co-director Cara Greene Epstein, DRAGONFLY has a packed month ahead on the festival circuit. Stops include the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, and the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival. DRAGONFLY is a film about a struggling artist who returns home to care for her mother, uncovering family baggage and a childhood mystery she’s determined to solve. More from the film at

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