New Margo Price Music Video From ONE, Optimus

New Margo Price Music Video From ONE, Optimus

One at Optimus Director Ben Chappell helmed a new music video for acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Margo Price to accompany “Hands of Time,” her newly released autobiographical single. Cut by Optimus Editor Mark Czajkowski, “Hands of Time” had its world premiere Oct. 31 on

In the video, Chappell takes viewers back to Price’s hometown of Aledo, Ill., and features shots of the singer with her family and as a child. It is a beautiful complement to Price’s haunting love song about her family, hometown and past. Rolling Stone said the video, “offers up the same mix of nostalgia, reflection and defiance as the song itself... It also adds context to Price's music, shining a light on some of the people and places that shaped her upbringing.” Stereogum added, “It’s got a grainy vintage feel that pairs beautifully with the song, which is one of the heaviest and most beautiful things you’ll hear this year.”

“Margo grew up less than 20 miles away from where I did in Rock Island, Ill., and I immediately knew we had to return to her home to shoot the video,” said Chappell. “The song is very personal and narratively tracks her life from leaving the small town to trying to make it in Nashville and all the trials that come along with that. I thought it would be nice to go back to Aledo to explore and hang out in all her old haunts.”

To convey the sense of nostalgia the song evokes, Chappell shot the video entirely on super 16mm with a few VHS camcorder shots mixed in, as well. Added Chappell, “Director of Photography Frank Mobilio did an amazing job rolling with the run and gun nature of this shoot. We captured some really nice, honest imagery of Aledo and Margo’s relationship with her hometown.”

As the song was almost five minutes long, Czajkowski had to work with a great deal of footage to pull together a final product that kept pace and felt fresh throughout. Said Czajkowski, “With most everything shot in digital now, it was really cool to work with and achieve the look of film. And, Ben was so involved in the entire process. It was clear how much he cared about this project. The end product gives Margo’s fans a unique view into Aledo and an intimate glimpse into her life.”

View the music video here.


Production: One at Optimus

Director: Ben Chappell

Director of Photography: Frank Mobilio

Executive Producer: Jonah Mueller

Line Producer: Sarah Slevin Wien

Post-Production: Optimus

Editor: Mark Czajkowski

Finish Artist: Jim Moss

Finish Assistant: Steven Wind

Audio Engineer: Ben Treimer

EP/Managing Director: Brian Hrastar

Producer: Jenny McDonald

Color: Nice Shoes at Optimus

Colorist: Alex Frankland

Producer: Rebecca Mitchell