Beyond the Spot: Julie Scott

Beyond the Spot: Julie Scott

In the latest installment of our popular feature, Julie Scott, VP and General Manager of The Onion Labs talks to Beyond the Spot about good account management, agency - client relationships, and memorizing Janet Jackson dance routines.

Scott believes that account management should be second best as every other discipline, not necessarily to be a replacement, but to be able to understand and translate to clients and creatives.

"If you don't have a strong relationship with your internal partners then you don't how they think and you can't keep their ideas sold."

The interview ranges from women’s leadership, to making things, to being from New Orleans.

Melissa Thornley is passionate about creative leadership in business and the arts. She works with Chicago indie record label, Pravda Records to develop their artists. She’s also Director for the Chicago Chapter of The Institute for Management Studies, where she collaborates with Fortune 500 companies to develop their leaders. She’s an active board member on The Midwest Independent Film Festival. Melissa can be reached at You can also watch other interviews with Melissa at our Beyond the Spot page here.

Ping me about when you can release Julie and when is good to chat. I want to get back on the BTS bandwagon!!!

cheers! Melissa