The Colonie Cuts Webisode Music Series

The Colonie Cuts Webisode Music Series

IN BED WITH, a performance video series created by Leo Burnett creative director Debbie Mudd, and video director, Jake Brusha, celebrates music in a whole new way, by bringing bands and banter together in the bed of an old pickup. The show’s raw, authentic tone is set by stripped down performances of an eclectic mix singer/songwriters. Editor Keith Kristinat, out of The Colonie, and sound recorder/mixer, Nealle DiPaulo meet the task of transforming concerts captured with multiple takes - in a mix of challenging locations - into seamless music videos with a distinctive style and live-concert feel that engages its audience.

A shared passion for music and belief that everything is better in a truck - the view, the music, the conversation - was the creatives’ impetus for turning a 1973 Ford pickup into a stage for a series of one-of-a-kind concerts by an eclectic mix of blues, folk, rock and hip-hop groups.

Performances by singer/songwriter Griffin Peterson (‘Take Us Away’) and artists and groups - that include Jelly Roll, Jimmy Burns, Marc Scibilia, Sidewalk Chalk, Elephant Revival and Leagues - showcase the kind of sessions that the series tries to capture.

Brusha, the director and DP, uses three cameras to shoot the series: A Canon 5D3 (EOS DSLR) with Magic Lantern Raw firmware, the Canon 7d (EOS DSLR) and an ARRI Alexa Mini camera. Once the shows are in the can, Kristinat shapes the footage into an intimate concert with an organic feel. The Colonie's team also provides color correction services for the series.

“The biggest challenge when editing 'In Bed With’ is trying to weave three takes of one song, each played at varying speeds, into one seamless performance," says Kristinat, who cuts the series in The Colonie’s Avid suite. “Maintaining the integrity of the live performance is paramount to our team’s approach.”

In Bed With - Griffin Peterson from The Colonie on Vimeo.

Each webisode is shot in a different location, giving the series context and texture. Sound record and mixer, Nealle DiPaulo’s choice of equipment is dictated by each unique sound environment, as much as the specific needs of the group that he’s recording. An arsenal of audio equipment that includes various models of Sound Devise recorders, dynamic microphones, condenser mics, and Sennheiser G3 wireless equipment - enables DiPaulo to maximize the quality of sound for each performance.


Producing an acoustic, live show out in the real world has not been without its challenges. Mudd once had to find a free piano on Craigslist to make a performance. The team also had to take over an old auto body shop so they could work through Chicago’s winters.

Along with her creative roles as producer, copywriter, and CD, Mudd is also the on-camera host of the show. A mid-Missouri gal, she developed an affinity for old pickup trucks and music as a child, during weekend visits to her Granddad’s farm. He’d drop the tailgate; she and her siblings would hop in back, and they’d barrel down old country roads with the radio blaring, enjoying the pleasure of listening to great tunes while taking in the view.

“We’re always shooting under less than ideal conditions, with a limited timeframe, fighting for daylight, etc. -- so editing is key to making everything come together,” says Brusha. “Keith's an exceptional storyteller with a filmmaker’s eye for editing. He’ll experiment, use the resources available to him at The Colonie, and consistently deliver a final product that wows us.”

"IN BED WITH is a unique way to see the world with a one-of-a-kind soundtrack playing. It's a snapshot of a city, a place, a time, that helps frame the stories every musician wants to tell," says Mudd.

Currently, the project is a true labor of love,” says Brusha. “Our team does it because we believe in the idea and want to help champion these amazing musicians; not to mention it’s a heck of a ride!”

To date, Mudd, Brusha, and Kristinat have wrapped over a dozen videos, which can be viewed on the show’s website here as well as on YouTube here.


PROJECT: Music Video Series (web)

Title: “In Bed With” (

CLIENT: In Bed With / Chicago

Producer: Debbie Mudd, Jake Brusha

Creative Director: Debbie Mudd

Art Director: Kailyn Downen

Copywriter: Debbie Mudd


Director/DP: Jake Brusha

Producer: Debbie Mudd, Jake Brusha

Host: Debbie Mudd

Photographer: Bruno Pieroni/Emma Arnold

EDITORIAL COMPANY: The Colonie / Chicago

Creative Editor: Keith Kristinat

Finishing: Keith Kristinat

Color Correction: Lauren Malis

Executive Producer: Mary Caddy

AUDIO: Mixer: Nealle DiPaolo

Additional Mixing: Ali Cedroni


Griffin Peterson (pop)

Jelly Roll (hip-hop)

Jimmy Burns (blues)

Marc Scibilia (pop/rock)

White Mystery (rock)

Sidewalk Chalk (hip-hop/funk)

Dawn & Hawkes (folk)

Elephant Revival (folk)

Leagues (rock)