Beyond the Spot: Jack C. Newell

Beyond the Spot: Jack C. Newell

In the latest installment of our popular feature, Jack C. Newell, director/artist/educator and a man that defies description, talks about what drew him into filmmaking and how he decides what roles to play in each film. Newell is represented by STORY for commercials and is the director of the Harold Ramis Film School at Second City.

Newell is currently working on a documentary titled HOW TO BUILD A SCHOOL IN HAITI that follows the construction of a school in a poor area of the island nation and documents how its impacting the local community. More on that film here.

He's also recently completed work on another documentary, COURSES, which is described as "an intimate portrait of how Chicago chef Jake Bickelhaupt evolved from running an illegal restaurant out of his home to being a culinary celebrity in less than a year."

Newell thinks the best part of the filmmaking process is coming up with that first idea: "when you have an idea for a movie and you think, woah, this could be really good."

Watch the full interview below.

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