Hootenanny's Metzger Cuts For Network Health

Hootenanny's Metzger Cuts For Network Health

Graham Metzger of Hootenanny and AE Marketing Group launch latest campaign for Network Health Wisconsin Hootenanny Editor and Motion Graphics Designer Graham Metzger and AE Marketing Group have joined forces again to create the most recent brand campaign for Network Health Wisconsin. The campaign brings to light the human side of health insurance by showcasing real Network Health associates sharing very personal stories of how their beliefs fold into their work lives, making the employees the unique focus of the brand.

AE Marketing Group CEO Brian Walker was adamant that nothing was scripted; rather, the team followed and observed employees outside of work, asked questions and listened, resulting in a tremendous amount of documentary footage from over nineteen days of shooting.

“Graham and I worked together to share personal stories in a way that was respectful, but genuine,” Walker explains. “So many brands talk about storytelling, but you won’t see a similar campaign in healthcare.”

Metzger was a critical creative force behind the effort, which will air across TV, cable and the Internet. His diverse skills set him up to successfully act as a creative director and editor, while simultaneously helming the graphics and design portions of the project.

“This was a really edit-intensive project,” describes Metzger. “Network Health gave us complete autonomy, so we went through the vast library of footage to find and shape the best material. In the end we found some really touching stories.”

Metzger has worked on Network Health since 2012, editing, designing, and sometimes directing four prior broadcast packages, plus additional digital content.

“Hootenanny continues to be a tremendous creative partner for AE Marketing Group,” states Walker. “I couldn’t be more pleased with the entire team.”

Madison-based ProVideo & Film was the production company, with producer Matt Cowden. Mike Palzkill lensed the project, and Nolo Digital Film did color. Justin Mayer of Hoffman Sound handled sound design and mix. Devin Delaney of Noise Floor composed the original music.

Metzger is a part of Hootenanny’s creative editorial staff, alongside editors Liz Tate, Sean Halvorsen and Hannah Stephans. They are produced by Executive Producer Don Avila and Associate Producer Samm Smith.