Daily Planet Connects Imerman Angels NPO with Donors for CHI Marathon

Daily Planet Connects Imerman Angels NPO with Donors for CHI Marathon

Inspired by personal experiences of family and friends battling cancer, Daily Planet Executive Producer Scott Marvel collaborated with Director/Editor Michael Gabriele to create HOW DO YOU FIND AN ANGEL? a dramatic film for one-on-one cancer support network Imerman Angels. The two-minute piece is designed to be a social media tool to help team members raise money and awareness of the non-profit’s participation in the 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 9th. Click here to donate or register to run in the event.

“This was a technically complex shoot with a lot of details, but there’s a deep, emotional component that was complex and nuanced, too,” says Marvel. “There was a lot on Michael’s plate and he pulled it off, making sure every note is true.”

Shot on location in Chicago’s Caldwell Woods by Gabriele, who is participating in the Marathon with Team Imerman, live action is combined with special effects to weave a compelling narrative open to personal interpretation. A woman is seen running alone in a forest when visions appear: in one she is a hospital patient walking with an IV in her arm; in another she is bald, lying in bed. Then she stops, possibly overwhelmed by her thoughts, and doubles over. When she straightens up, her expression has changed, her inner resolve strengthened, and she resumes her run. A team of Imerman Angels appear running behind her. She realizes she is not alone.

“This film encompasses what every runner on the team is running for,” says Team Imerman Manager, Dave Louthan. “Everyone knows someone who’s had cancer; it’s out there and can touch anyone. That actor in the film is every woman. We’re here to let people know they can get the help they need at the time they need it most. That’s what we give, that’s all we give. We give hope and complement what other people do.”

“It’s all about making a human connection. When we’re making films and art, no matter what you’re selling, that connection is important.” Gabriele says. “Imerman Angels connects cancer “fighters” at any stage of their diagnosis with survivors who have battled the same disease so they don’t have to go through it alone.”

Daily Planet was not alone in creating How Do You Find An Angel? Leading music and sonic content resource, Sonixphere, created original music to emphasize the arc of the runner’s emotions.

“This is something we really felt good about working on,” says Sonixphere CEO and Creative Director, Greg Allan. “It needed to be an emotional piece, and to be scored to the key moments on film. We chose to use minimal instrumentation to match her feeling of isolation.”

Audio mix was by Nick Bozzone of STIR Post Audio; color correction by Jeff Altman of Filmworkers Club.


Daily Planet: Director/DP/Editor - Michael Gabriele; Executive Producer - Scott Marvel;

Producer - Brad Moore; Graphics Team: Jon Adler, Dan Moore, James Lee, Alyssa Barrett

Stir Post Audio - Mixer: Nick Bozzone

Sonixphere: Original music

Filmworkers Club: Color Correction. Colorist: Jeff Altman