RingSide Now Cutters Detroit, Adds New Managing Director

RingSide Now Cutters Detroit, Adds New Managing Director

Detroit's RingSide Creative has officially re-branded as Cutters Studios Detroit, a move intended to increase efficiency and synergy between the company's offices. New managing director Kurt Kulas will lead the office, said, Cutters Detroit/RingSide CEO Steve Wild and partner, Chicago based Cutters, Inc. CEO Tim McGuire.

Kulas, most recently the managing partner for international production consultancy Admaniax, worked for five years as director of content development for Campbell Ewald, more than 20 years with Doner culminating in the role of director of integrated production, and another four years in a similar leadership capacity with Young & Rubicam.

"Kurt has very often been our client, so naturally, he knows what makes our clients tick, what they need from us, what works and what doesn't," McGuire said. "His background as a producer, executive producer and head of production will bring greater insight about our clients' needs than we have ever had here in the past."

Leading production departments often consisting of more than 60 staff members across multiple agencies, Kulas has produced creative content spanning the full range of brand experiences, on locations from Borneo to Costa Rica, London, New Zealand and beyond. His client credits include 7-Eleven, British Petroleum, Cadillac, Chiquita Bananas, Chrysler, Del Taco, Detroit Zoo, Lowes, Lincoln, Mazda, Pennzoil, PNC Bank, Ralph Lauren and most recently, Experian, OnStar, USAA, and the U.S. Navy.

"Across its studios, Cutters offers the ability to encompass a campaign with all the marketing components under one roof," Kulas said. "That's something I and many others find very attractive. The fewer production partners clients need to manage their work, the more synergy that work often has." Asked about the main draw at Cutters Studios, he quickly confirmed, "It's the talent."


There are facility renovations currently underway at the firm's Oak Park headquarters and in its Harmonie Park satellite studio. Wild and Kulas point to these renovations as means for raising the company's value as a destination.

"As more of the Detroit advertising community is moving back to the rejuvenated downtown area, we have seized the opportunity to provide a highly creative and functional post-production space that's within easy walking distance," Wild explained. "This new and improved space in Harmonie Park is something we feel will be a fantastic resource for our clients."

"With all the responsibilities our agency partners have today, it's great to be able to offer them the ability to easily affect creative work; having Harmonie Park available will help with that tremendously," Kulas said. "Cutters clients everywhere also will have full access to this upscale studio centrally located in downtown Detroit."