Family Business at Seed

Family Business at Seed

Roy Skillicorn has signed his son, Nathan Skillicorn, as the Midwest rep for his production company, Seed, he said this week.

Nathan is the founder of Heart, Brains & Nerve, and is the Midwest sales agent for Believe Media, Schrom, Vitamin, Dapper & Royal Budapest. He is also a part of the NY based Free Agents team who represent Buck, Nexus, Passion, Elastic, Hornet, Aspekt, Gentleman Scholar Strange Beast, Nexus Interactive Arts and GenPop.

“I have mentored many of the currently very well-known sales agents in the industry, working with them from their first days in the business and watching them become powerhouse salespeople," says Roy. "My son is one of them. He has gained all that I could offer and is now, I believe, the hardest working, most creatively knowledgeable and most articulate rep in the business.”

Nathan has already secured several projects for Seed and looks forward to continuing a rewarding business relationship.

“There aren’t many father-son duos in our industry and still fewer who are as close as my dad and I. I see this as a great opportunity to help make the Skillicorn legacy expand into the next generation,” says Nathan. “I recollect a significant moment, a tipping point, so to speak. For years I was introduced as 'Roy’s son' to the many people in the industry. I would overhear people whisper at events “that’s Roy’s son,” but then, at one AICP event a few years ago, Roy was introduced to an agency creative director and I overheard the CD say, ‘Oh… you are Nathan’s father’.”