APB Executive Producer's Plea to You

APB Executive Producer's Plea to You

The first season of Fox’s Chicago-based series APB only has two episodes left and many are still wondering whether or not the struggling series will be cancelled. A decision has yet to be made but earlier this week, Trey Callaway, one of the show’s executive producers, tweeted out an open letter to the fans in an attempt to drum up some last minute support. Callaway asked fans for help in securing a second season while stressing how important social media buzz and DVR/streaming numbers are for the decision makers that will ultimately decide APB’s fate. Here is a quick rundown of the letter from Callaway:

I’m usually not a huge fan of letters like this. But like you, I am a huge fan of APB. So that’s why I’ve decided to put my pride aside and write to you now…

We really want to give you a Season Two. (Actually, we want to give you ten seasons after that – but let’s try to stay focused on the most important task at hand right now). Trouble is, with only two intensively exciting episodes left… APB is what Hollywood folks like to call “on the bubble”…

The overnight ratings have been okay. But here’s the thing… you don’t need a high tech billionaire to tell you that fewer and fewer 21st century viewers actually watch TV shows on the night they air… And that’s where the good news begins for APB. See, after every episodes airs live on Monday nights – it takes another week or so to count all the peeps who DVR and stream the show. And once those numbers get tabulated, pretty much every single episode has shown a 50-70% increase in viewership!

So now's the time to show Gideon some genius of your own and live up to Murphy’s “ponytail of justice.” How? Simple. We need to you keep watching. And DVRing. And streaming. And telling every single friend, co-worker and family member you have across the country and around the world to join the party…

Click here to read Callaway’s full rallying cry.

APB doesn’t perform amazingly in its Monday night timeslot and this past week, they averaged 2.862 million viewers with a 0.6 rating amongst 18-49 year olds. While not abysmal, APB consistently places in the lower half of Fox’s lineup. Things could still go either way and unless things change drastically in the coming weeks, APB’s future remains uncertain. Time will tell if Callaway’s call to arms has any effect.

All episodes of APB can be streamed on line at http://www.fox.com/apb/full-episodes

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