AICE Awards Finalists Announced

AICE Awards Finalists Announced

Cutters Studios, Earhole Studios and Yessian Music were among the Midwestern companies to be named finalists for the 2017 AICE Awards.

Cutters' companies received a total of three nominations: Kathryn Hempel for Kiwi with Ogilvy & Mather Chicago in Online Campaign and Flavor received two nods; one for Best of Detroit for GTB's Ford Raptor and the other for Best in Design & Motion Graphics for NCTA. Earhole's Eric Lambert for Original Music for Leo Burnett's work for Samsung.

Yessian's Mark Chu was also nominated for Original Music for Nintendo's "Mario Run" spot and the studio was nomiated for Original Composition for Saatchi & Saatchi LA's spot "Discovery Machine" for Toyota.

Best of Chicago nominees went to Luke Morrison at The Mill for color grading on the Toronto Maple Leafs' spot "Wise Man" with Side Lee Toronto. Beast's Angelo Valencia for Storytelling for Kerry Gold's "New Kid" with Energy BBDO. Utopic's Craig Lewandowski for Content Promotion and Trailers for Squarespace's "Psychogenic Fugue" with Preacher.

Colorist Tom Poole of Company 3. Poole, who won the Color Grading category in the 2016 AICE Awards, earned finalist nominations for his work in Color Grading (90 Seconds or Under) for Budweiser; scored two out of the three finalist nominations that were swept by Company 3 in the Color Grading (Over 90 Seconds) category for Hennessy and Squarespace; and was nominated in the Best of New York Category for Hennessy.

Earning three finalist nominations are a trio of editors: Ben Suenaga of Friendshop! scored two of the three finalist nominations in the Comedy category for work for Lenovo and Little Caesars, and in the Dialogue/Monologue/Spoken Word category, again for Little Caesars. Eric Zumbrunnen of Exile earns nominations in the Montage category for work for Apple and in the Best of Los Angeles category for Apple and for Kenzo. Jeff Jay of Hero Post is nominated in the Regional Campaign category for work for Novant Healthcare and in the Best of Atlanta category for the Novant work and for Delta.

The 2017 AICE Awards will take place on Thursday, May 11, at Capitale in New York. A full list of Finalists can be found at the AICE Awards website here.


A number of companies saw work from their editors and artists nominated multiple times. Leading this list was The Mill, whose artists earned seven nominations in the categories of Color Grading (90 Seconds or Under), Color Grading (Music Video), Visual Effects (The Mill swept, earning all three finalist nominations), Best of Chicago and Best of New York.

Also earning seven nominations is work created by the colorists at Company 3. In addition to sweeping the Color Grading (Over 90 Seconds) category, it scored in the Color Grading (90 Seconds or Under), Color Grading (Music Video), Best of Atlanta and Best of New York categories.

Three companies have a total of five finalist nominations. This includes Rock Paper Scissors, whose editors are nominated for work in Dialogue/Monologue/Spoken Word, Digital Content (Over 90 Seconds), Fashion/Beauty, Montage and Online Campaign. Also earning five nominations are Exile in Content Promotion and Trailers, Digital Content (90 Seconds or Under), Montage and Best of Los Angeles. Yessian also earns five finalist nominations in the categories of Original Music, Sound Design and Best of Detroit.

Two companies have work from its editors earning four finalist nominations: Beast, which is nominated in Digital Content (90 Seconds or Under), National Campaign, Best of Chicago and Best of San Francisco; and Rooster, which earned nominations in Montage, Regional Campaign and Best of Toronto.

Companies whose editors or artists have three nominations include Arcade Edit, Cut + Run, Final Cut, Friendshop!, Hero Post, P.S. 260 and Work Editorial.

New to the competition this year are an expanded set of craft categories for Color Grading, including 90 Seconds or Under, Over 90 Seconds and Music Video, and a new category for Cause Marketing, which replaces the category for Public Service. In addition, the category for Broadcast Promotion has been expanded to cover a wider range of entertainment properties and is now called Content Promotion and Trailers.