The Newest Cutters' Editor Heads to KC

The Newest Cutters' Editor Heads to KC

Dustin Kaufman has been promoted to editor at Cutters, and will lead the launch of a new satellite studio in Kansas City, which Kaufman will lead.

According to Cutters Partner Matt Walsh, Kaufman will soon take up residence in Kansas City and his editorial suite within the offices of creative content and experience design studio Hint is set to open on September 1.

"Dustin is extremely creative and visionary, but he is also one of the most driven, determined, hard-working individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with," Walsh said. "He cannot help but create amazing things, no matter what circumstances surround him. He is also extremely fast, and hungry."

Together with Kaufman, Walsh himself has been involved in a great volume of work arising from the Kansas City marketplace over the past several years. After mentioning the solid relationships with executives from Barkley, VML and other innovative agencies and creative entities, Walsh explained, "Cutters has been thinking very hard about putting down some roots in KC. With Dustin's promotion and his energetic excitement for the city and our mission, we all are thrilled to see what happens."

A graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Kaufman earned his first job from Cutters in 2013 as an assistant editor. Since then, he has demonstrated talent and creativity that has earned the respect of Walsh and his Cutters Studios colleagues as an extremely well rounded and capable editor.

Having learned on-the-job from Walsh and his fellow partners and editors including Grant Gustafson – while collaborating with leading creatives, production and post-production artisans and the marketing teams behind scores of major brands – evidence abounds for Kaufman's drive to create amazing stories. His latest reel features his recent work on comedic spots for Dairy Queen via Barkley and Courtyard by Marriott via mcgarrybowen, stylized cinematic spots for Gatorade via VML and McDonald's via Leo Burnett, and much more.

That reel also features two of his many self-driven side-projects: His world-famous, extremely graphic video showcasing his wry wits and editing chops to demonstrate how many people actually play "Grand Theft Auto V," and his even more graphic fan trailer for "Doom" that was endorsed and distributed by the game's publisher, id Software.

"I feel very lucky that Cutters is as cool as it is," Kaufman told SCREEN. "First, I get to learn from the best and also benefit from support and guidance that has been invaluable over the years. The work itself is really a playground for me."

Discussing his Kansas City test flight, his enthusiasm for the latest Cutters business venture is highly contagious. "I fell in love with Kansas City on my first visit, after seeing a Tesla dealership across the street from a Cheesecake Factory," he professed. "It's got the vibe of a super modern upscale metropolis with the charm of a small town. While Chicago is killer and it's been my home for eight years, I'm ready for a new experience and all the adventures that come with it."

Kaufman's reel is viewable on Cutters' site.