The Next Great Chicago TV Series?

The Next Great Chicago TV Series?

A whopping EIGHT Chicago pilots were among the 52 selected from across the globe by the prestigious New York Television Festival (NYTVF). Before those eight pilots head to NYC later this fall, Chicagoans will have a chance to see ALL EIGHT PILOTS at the Midwest Independent Film Festival’s annual Pilot Showcase on Tuesday, September 5th, with festivities beginning at Landmark's Century Centre Cinema at 6 p.m. Filmmakers will be in attendance for a post-screening discussion with the audience.

Here are the eight contenders for the next great TV series out of Chicago...

BASICALLY HAPPY. Created by Liam Gallogly and Mollie Rehner. Mollie and Liam have a tendency to take everything to the extreme, especially when it comes to their relationship.

GENTLE DAN. Created by Dan White, Kyle Bethea, and Tim Lyons. When Dan’s temporary rough patch becomes an extended residency in the basement of his sister’s McMansion, he slowly adjusts to a new life in the suburbs and all the people who come with it.

GUILTY: THE WEB SERIES. Created by Katie Novotny, Erin Conroy, and Emma Smith. Katie Donovan, a 20-something in Chicago, is dealing with different temptations every day. From drinking too much before Mass to dating outside of her religion, Katie must find the strength to shed her Catholic guilt to be the person she wants to be instead of the Catholic girl her parents raised.

RAP SKOOL. Created by Nnamdi Ngwe and Amechi Ngwe. Rob and Davis join a school of rap for the middle class and realize it’s tougher than they expected.

STARVING ARTISTS. Created by Dewayne Perkins and Aasia Bullock. Comedy duo Aasia and Dewayne go to extravagant lengths to reach their goals of international stardom and complete world domination. Starving Artists is a show about being young, gifted, and black in a world that praises straight, white, and wack.

DRIVE SLOW. Created by Terrence Thompson. A teenager from the South-Side of Chicago attempts to finish his college essays and struggles to boil down his complex surroundings in 500 words, while his friends’ disparate opinions, racist news narratives, and the threat of lingering danger complicate the process.

LOST & FOUND. Created by Haroula Rose. Stella and Ian’s unwedding unsettles their group of friends in Los Angeles in this dramedy about modern relationships. Starring Melonie Diaz (FRUITVALE STATION) and Will Janowitz (BOARDWALK EMPIRE).

PUBLIC HOUSING UNIT. Created by Patrick Wimp, Ted Reilly, and Angie Gaffney. Set in the late 1980’s, three police officers take on both lawmakers and lawbreakers as they work to protect the people of Chicago’s infamous public housing projects. Starring DuShon Monique Brown (CHICAGO FIRE), Kamal Angelo Bolden (CHICAGO FIRE, ROSEWOOD), Antoine McKay (EMPIRE).

Click here to check out trailers for all eight pilots and purchase your tickets online in advance for September 5th First Tuesdays with the Midwest Independent Film Festival.