Hootenanny's Metzger Aids Launch of Brand Campaign For Network Health Wisconsin

Hootenanny's Metzger Aids Launch of Brand Campaign For Network Health Wisconsin

Hootenanny editor Graham Metzger and AE Marketing Group have collaborated again to create the latest segment in their brand campaign for Network Health. It consists of four TV spots and two web shorts, which make up part of an ongoing employee documentary series. Across the series, a unique emphasis is placed on the humanizing side of health insurance by having real Network Health employees share their individual stories without the use of any scripted content. In addition to these, five Medicare spots were also released for TV.

Resuming his role in the campaign as Director, Editor and Graphic Artist, Metzger was the driving creative force behind the most recent effort that began production in early August 2017 and wrapped the following October.

“It has been a great experience working with AE Marketing Group and Network Health again,” Metzger states. “I've really enjoyed getting to know the Network Health employees and help tell their stories.” Since the initial launch of the brand campaign in 2016, awareness and brand recognition for Network Health has increased considerably, along with online enrollment.

“The collaboration between AE Marketing Group, Hootenanny, and Mirror 34 continues to differentiate Network Health and resonate with Wisconsin consumers,” explains AE Marketing Group CEO Brian Walker. “Having Graham as a creative partner allows us to produce work unseen in the health insurance industry.”

Madison-based Mirror 34 Productions was the production company, with Executive Producer Matt Cowden. Justin Mayer of Hoffman Sound handled sound design and mix, and Nolo Digital Film helmed the color correction.

Metzger has worked on Network Health since 2012, editing and designing four prior broadcast packages, plus additional digital content. This is Metzger’s fourth time directing for the Network Health client. His fifth time will begin this December, when the next story is scheduled to shoot.