Giveashi*t Pop-Up Today

Giveashi*t Pop-Up Today

For the third year in a row, Scott Marvel and Daily Planet are hosting their 'giveashi*t' pop-up shop in the Michigan Avenue bridge house to benefit Streetwise and their vendors.

"We’ve learned so much doing this every year," Marvel says. "This year it’s really impressed me that Streetwise vendors aren’t 'cup shakers'. Selling Streetwise is a job and they treat it as such. They need to save enough money to buy more papers, so they are taught to be financially responsible."

This year 20 artists donated their designs to the cause with most of the shirts being screen-printed by hand in Marvel's own basement. While shirts are available online via, the pop-up will feature designs that are not offered online. Find Marvel and his team there from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. at Michigan Avenue Bridge House Museum at the corner of Michigan and Wacker. Along with t-shirts, there will be other items for sale that aren’t online, like an autographed Wilco poster. 100 percent of proceeds benefits the cause.

The artists donate their designs while Daily Planet buys all of the shirts and hand-screens all of the shirts. This allows them to pass all of the money through to Streetwise.

"I’m thrilled with the designs we’ve been given this year," Marvel said. "It’s a really attractive and diverse crop of t-shirts. I hope people can find several they like and buy them."

Marvel said that with the last year has been particularly hard given the political climate and that this campaign is a welcome respite.

"We want to take action in the streets and in our neighborhoods in a positive way," he said. "We want very desperately to use the gifts we’ve been fortunate enough to be given to help the people that need it...we’re trying to do something good for our neighbors. These people may not have homes, but they are still our neighbors. They are no more or less human than us. Let’s give them a hand up."

This year's artists include:

Ron Linnemann (Eicoff), Rick Conrad (Ableson Taylor), Theodore Hahn (Freelance Designer), Sarah Becan (Freelance Artist), Jay Ryan (The Bird Machine), Dan Grzeca (Ground Up Press), Jeannine Ringland Zwirn, Nate Azark (12 Line Studios, Monica Klasa (Freelance Art Director), Lauren Tarbox (Groupon), Scot Westwater (Scout Marketing), Sarah Santi (Devbridge Group), Grace Molteni (McGarry Bowen), Dave Straus (Freelance Art Director), Rob Cody (VML), Joey Potts (Creative Director, 18th St. Brewery) Jon Langford (Waco Brothers, Mekons), Scott Rasmussen (Downtown Partners), Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Kara Hamilton (Beam Suntory) and Scott Marvel.