October's Recipe For Nutrient-Dense Foods

October's Recipe For Nutrient-Dense Foods

While it’s not CHEF’S TABLE, a recent piece out from Fleishman Hillard by Chicago-based October Production + Post teases the benefits of cooking with nutrient-dense ingredients while at the same time minimizing food waste.

Executed for Quaker and the James Beard Foundation during a four-day shoot in New York City’s West Village last fall, October created a long-form three-minute piece profiling Chef Marco Canora as he shops at the Union Square Farmers Market and prepares food in his famed restaurant Hearth using oats as the shelf-stable ingredient. With nearly a million views on Quakers YouTube page, October also cut shorter social :60 and :30 second versions.

“The idea behind the project was to discuss, ‘More Taste, Less Waste,” said Chris DeWinter, executive producer at October. “Marco is passionate about food waste, its an issue happening in basically every kitchen and he showcased different recipes that can be made with aging food items found in everyone’s fridge.”

Shot with three (3) RED Cameras and released through various online and social channels, the piece of lightly-branded content was intended to continue the conversation about food waste in America.

“Basically Marco wants us to purchase food with thought, cook it with care, serve just enough and then save the leftovers to eat…pretty simple stuff” DeWinter said. “That’s what I really learned; bulk buying is great, but when only half of strawberries, blueberries, and spinach are making it to the table, we need to change a couple things”

DeWinter was grateful that Fleischman brought him in on the project, particularly noting the efforts of award-winning creative director Brett McCall.

“Brett has been making great content for years and the concept behind this project was another example of his talent,” DeWinter said. “He gave us a vision and let us execute it. His visions always give us a chance to bring our own talent and ideas into the project and make it our best.”

Besides the project itself, DeWinter said that the team learned a great deal from the chef, whether the health benefits of nutrient-rich food and bone broth, or just that you can be a great success and a great human being.

“Working with Marco Canora was a privelige,” DeWinter said. “It’s always great to work with successful folks who are friendly and so genuinely down to earth. On a personal note, the entire crew learned a great deal about good, quality food as they ate the rescued “prop” food items that would have otherwise been thrown out.”


Executive Creative Director – Brett McCall

Executive Producer – Chris DeWinter

Director – Patrick Lewtschanyn

DP – Alejandro Marin

Edit – Ash Nath

Graphics – Zach Moore

Gaffer – Mark Barry