'Give a Shi*t' Pop-Up Raises $20K

'Give a Shi*t' Pop-Up Raises $20K

The 'giveashi*t' pop-up shop raised $20,000 last week for Streetwise vendors, surpassing the total from last year ahead of this Thursday's party at Daily Planet where the remaining shirts will be offered for sale.

The charity drive is an annual effort from Scott Marvel and Daily Planet.

"We’re absolutely humbled by the response to this so far," he said. "Rarely did someone leave the pop-up shop at the Michigan Avenue Bridge House with just one item. People opened their hearts and we couldn’t be prouder of the people of this city."

As of today, they're well on their way to their final goal.

"We're halfway to the goal I set boldly at $40,000," Marvel said. "I'm not sure how $25 t-shirts will get to $40K but we'll see."

This Thursday, Daily Planet will be continuing the sales at their holiday party which isn't open to the public but should draw crowds from the creative community, not just for the shirts, but for beer donated by local indies Lo Rez, Twisted Hippo and Mars. For food, Marvel said some local Polish bartenders will be frying pierogis.

"Pierogis are, of course, great food for the weather we're having," Marvel said. "We're hoping that as many industry people come by as they can, have some wine or beer and open their hearts."

Daily Planet is working on a video tribute to the Streetwise vendors and Marvel said his admiration for their commitment increases every year.

"We interviewed one vendor who built credit by paying off a scooter, drove that everywhere until he'd saved enough money to make a down payment on a car and today he's a rideshare driver," Marvel said. "The vendors are out there trying to earn a living. That's amazing, that's really amazing."

More on the shirts

This year 20 artists donated their designs to the cause with most of the shirts being screen-printed by hand in Marvel's own basement. The shirts are available online via giveashirt.net.

The artists donate their designs while Daily Planet buys all of the shirts and hand-screens all of the shirts. This allows them to pass all of the money through to Streetwise.

This year's artists include:

Ron Linnemann (Eicoff), Rick Conrad (Ableson Taylor), Theodore Hahn (Freelance Designer), Sarah Becan (Freelance Artist), Jay Ryan (The Bird Machine), Dan Grzeca (Ground Up Press), Jeannine Ringland Zwirn, Nate Azark (12 Line Studios, Monica Klasa (Freelance Art Director), Lauren Tarbox (Groupon), Scot Westwater (Scout Marketing), Sarah Santi (Devbridge Group), Grace Molteni (McGarry Bowen), Dave Straus (Freelance Art Director), Rob Cody (VML), Joey Potts (Creative Director, 18th St. Brewery) Jon Langford (Waco Brothers, Mekons), Scott Rasmussen (Downtown Partners), Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Kara Hamilton (Beam Suntory) and Scott Marvel.