EASY ABBY Season 2 Premieres

EASY ABBY Season 2 Premieres

When the digital series EASY ABBY debuted on YouTube in 2012, it was met with an astounding response from the online lesbian community, as the series quickly reached over 50 million views, becoming an instant classic that was translated into 12 languages. The Chicago-based digital series set out to create an honest and entertaining narrative about lesbian love and lust that wasn't being authentically represented on traditional television or film.

"I think one of the reasons EASY ABBY has been so popular is that Abby and her lovers are relatable, and the storylines aren't always predictable," said Writer-Director, Wendy Jo Carlton. At the time, YouTube was the only platform for such non-traditional stories to be heard but recent changes in tech and the growing proliferation of robust, community-driven niche platforms has created the opportunity for stories like Abby's to find a more focused home. Case in point: EASY ABBY has finally returned this December as a REVRY Original Series with its second season debuting this week exclusively on the LGBTQ+ streaming platform.

Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off, with Abby - unsure as ever - navigating the complexities of friendship, and hooking up. The series also takes on new interesting territory as it deals with Abby's commitment issues, her relationship to her mother, and dealing with mental illness.

"In Season 2, Abby deals with her bipolar Mom, while trying to get out of her own funk," Carlton adds. "I think managing depression or anxiety is vital to so many of us. I'm so happy to be able to integrate a mental health story line, as we watch Abby and her Mom struggle to connect."

Season 2 not only marks a new direction for Abby as a character, but also for the lead actress, Lisa Cordileone, who returns for the first few episodes before passing the torch to new Abby, actress Keight Leighn. Season 1 of the unapologetically sex-positive, feminist, and queer series is available to bingewatch as Season 2 premieres this week with two episodes releasing each week in the new year.

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