Re: The Super Bowl - Chuck Meehan

Re: The Super Bowl - Chuck Meehan

The third expert in our virtual panel examining the work of Super Bowl 51 is Chuck Meehan, EVP/Executive Creative Director at Doner.

SCREEN: What was your favorite spot excluding any from your agency?

MEEHAN: My favorite spot was the Kia Niro. Great use of a celebrity, perfectly executed, funny and comes right out of the product. And getting the client to show a new car for only a few seconds is a huge feat in itself. Close runner-ups are Honda, Budweiser and Audi.

SCREEN: What was your overall impression of this year's crop of work? Better or worse than previous years?

MEEHAN: I think it was a so-so year. Not super deep, and nothing that will be seen as a classic.

SCREEN: Why do you think the Super Bowl continues to be such an advertising event given all of the changes in the way we interface with advertising in the digital age?

MEEHAN: It’s still the world’s biggest reality show and, as we saw in this game, more plot twists and suspense than a Jason Bourne film. In this on demand world, it’s an event that has to be watched live.