Re: The Super Bowl - Jose Martinez

Re: The Super Bowl - Jose Martinez

The first expert in our virtual panel of experts reviewing the work of Super Bowl 51 is Jose Martinez, Associate Creative Director at Walton Isaacson Chicago.

SCREEN: What was your favorite spot excluding any from your agency?

MARTINEZ: I’ll start by saying that I refused to watch any of the spots in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl and haven’t replayed them since, so I’m going strictly by in-game watching experience. Thoroughly enjoyed Skittles’ “Romance” and the trailer for NatGeo’s “Genius” because they were really simple and charming.

SCREEN: What was your overall impression of this year's crop of work? Better or worse than previous years?

MARTINEZ: I thought that the quality of the work was pretty consistent. It didn’t feel like a particularly stellar year creativity-wise but appreciated seeing so many brands spread messages of unity and tolerance. Love seeing how the work becomes a reflection of our society and the times.

SCREEN: Why do you think the Super Bowl continues to be such an advertising event given all of the changes in the way we interface with advertising in the digital age?

MARTINEZ: Simply because having a captive audience of 100 million viewers raises the bar for brands to make the most of their air time and make an impact they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. I guess all press is good press and anything goes for brands swinging for the fences, from poop jokes to weed innuendos, from a sexy dancing Mr. Clean to a DJ-ing kangaroo.