Re: The Super Bowl - Jorge Pomareda

Re: The Super Bowl - Jorge Pomareda

The next expert in our virtual panel reviewing the work of Super Bowl 51 is Jorge Pomareda, senior art director with Cossette.

SCREEN: What was your favorite spot excluding any from your agency?

POMAREDA: My favorite was Audi's "Daughter". It was a beautifully shot story with a relevant message of progress and equality.

SCREEN: What was your overall impression of this year's crop of work? Better or worse than previous years?

POMAREDA: The best spots were better than last year’s top ones, but the overall average went down because there were more unsuccessful ones.

SCREEN: Why do you think the Super Bowl continues to be such an advertising event given all of the changes in the way we interface with advertising in the digital age?

POMAREDA: The Super Bowl still is an amazing opportunity to give brands a voice, to say something relevant and to take a stand. I think an idea benefits from the integration of mediums instead of the exclusion - it's a great way to amplify your message or to even give life to others that faced censorship.