Re: The Super Bowl - Cossette's Casey Stern

Re: The Super Bowl - Cossette's Casey Stern

The final expert in our virtual panel reviewing the work of Super Bowl 51 is Casey Stern, Copywriter at Cossette.

SCREEN: What was your favorite spot excluding any from your agency?

STERN: The It's A 10 Hair Care commercial. From the opening line: "America, we're in for at least four years... of awful hair." you knew it was going to be good. Apropos, great production and really, really funny.

SCREEN: What was your overall impression of this year's crop of work? Better or worse than previous years?

STERN: It was very political. A lot of brands took the opportunity to express their views and opinions, but I don't think it was a detriment to the work. Although, you do have to feel bad for the families that were trying to avoid sparking any political arguments around the platter of buffalo wings...

SCREEN: Why do you think the Super Bowl continues to be such an advertising event given all of the changes in the way we interface with advertising in the digital age?

STERN: I read somewhere recently that the Super Bowl is the one time people look forward to seeing ads. And I think that's a really great point. Everyone is gathered around the campfire–all eyes locked on the same screen. They're ready for us. It's like America collectively saying, "Ok, you bastards–you want our eyeballs? Here they are! Now make us feel something..." And then we're either exalted or torn to shreds on social media.