Re: The Super Bowl - Mitch Apley

Re: The Super Bowl - Mitch Apley

The next expert in our virtual panel reviewing the work of Super Bowl 51 is Mitch Apley, ‎Vice President, Director of Broadcast-Print Production at AbelsonTaylor.

SCREEN: What was your favorite spot excluding any from your agency?

APLEY: I probably have enjoyed talking about the Budweiser Born the Hard Way spot the most. I mean, it’s beautiful, but laughably overdramatic. Sort of like the Revenant but with Beer and a happy ending. (I was also thrilled to see Brad Morris in the Avocados from Mexico spot. He’s awesome.)

SCREEN: What was your overall impression of this year's crop of work? Better or worse than previous years?

APLEY: Well, we didn’t have a baby/puppy/monkey moment. Nothing particularly stood out, but I wouldn’t say they were all worse than previous years either. Even the Snickers live spot while technically amazing seemed to be a safe spot conceptually. I do think a lot of the commercials had just gorgeous film.

SCREEN: Why do you think the Super Bowl continues to be such an advertising event given all of the changes in the way we interface with advertising in the digital age?

APLEY: People watch the SuperBowl live, and many second screen the experience. The spots are now relying on the fact that people will watch them digitally as well. The ecosystem of advertising is inclusive of all channels I think. It’s too bad the 84 Lumber site went down, because the real story should be about why Fox banned the second half in the first place.