The Colonie Cuts McDonald’s Spot For Burrell

The Colonie Cuts McDonald’s Spot For Burrell

Burrell Communications tapped the talents of The Colonie editor Bob Ackerman, STORY director Blair Hayes and Yessian Music for its new McDonald’s spot, ‘My Place.’ The commercial integrates four vignettes that showcase McDonald’s as a place in the community where people feel connected, supported and at home.

The common theme that each vignette shares is that McDonald’s is more than just a place to eat – it’s a place that brings a community together.

The agency's GCD, Rebecca Williams, kept the team on track and focused on the small details that made the spot engaging and memorable. Winston Cheung and Terrence Burrell were key in seamlessly integrating the scenarios into a cohesive story that unfolds during a single day.

“Our consumer shows their love for McDonald’s with the nickname Mickey D’s. It was important to feel that familiarity throughout the spot,” said Williams.

"Once again, working with Burrell was a great experience,” says Ackerman. “They always seem to come up with thoughtful and interesting ways to construct a story. I couldn’t hope to work with a more talented group than these three.”

Burrell Communications created a spot with a poignant message about McDonald's role in the neighborhood.

“The level of trust our team has established with the agency over the years once again made being part of their collaborative creative process a great experience," said Mary Caddy, The Colonie’s executive producer.

The Colonie’s senior designer, Lyndsay McCully, followed through with the agency’s design look. Graham Chapman was the assistant editor on the project, which was cut on the Avid, and Tom Dernulc finished the spot on Flame Premium.


TITLE: ‘My Place’


TYPE: Broadcast Commercial


Burrell Communications / Chicago

CCO: Lewis Williams

Executive Producer: Shirley Portee

Producer: Debra Dale

VP/GCD: Rebecca Williams

VP/ CD – Copywriter: Terrence Burrell

ACD - Art Director: Winston Cheung


STORY / Chicago/ LA

Director: Blair Hayes

DP: John Pingay

Producer: Marsie Wallach


The Colonie / Chicago

Creative Editor: Bob Ackerman

Assistant Editor: Graham Chapman

Finishing: Tom Dernulc

Senior Designer: Lyndsay McCully

Executive Producer: Mary Caddy


Filmworkers Club / Chicago

Colorist: Michael Mazur


CRC / Chicago

Mixer: Ian Scott


Yessian Music / Los Angeles

Composer: Michael Yessian