Christopher Nolen's Next Feature

Christopher Nolen's Next Feature

Chicago writer and director Christopher Nolen (not the DARK KNIGHT Christopher Nolan, the Chicago filmmaker Christopher Nolen, for those of you keeping score at home) has wrapped production on his latest feature PROFESSOR MACK.

The indie feature brought some notable reality television personalities, including REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA's Lisa Wu and BASKETBALL WIVES cast member Jackie Christie. These two are joined by a sterling cast that includes Chicago's Erica Hubbard, Malcom Banks and Simeon Henderson, as well as Timon Kyle Durrett, Robert Christopher Riley, Amin Joseph and Nolen himself.

Executive Producer Mary Angela Munez spoke to SCREEN about the production team Nolen assembled for this film. "Christopher Nolen has always taken such care in advancing young people of color for all his films," Munez told SCREEN. "In this production, he has made sure that we put women into all the management roles. From EP's, Lead Cast, and Department Heads, we have women running everything and it's been fantastic." Nolen and Munez are joined by Production Designer Katharin Mraz, Art Director Dymin Das Gupta, Associate Producer Larissa Malarek, DP Patrick Charles and 1st AD Nikolas Flanders, to name a few. Click here for full cast and crew for PROFESSOR MACK.

PROFESSOR MACK follows Rosalyn Mack, a sexy seductress with a fetish for handsome, established men. Her curves have them wrapped around her finger, and her unsuspecting and manipulative ways have her wrapped around their hearts. Rosalyn’s character proves to be nothing short of her last name. That is, until she sips from a glass of reality and gets a reality check due to her own actions. Professor Mack takes you on a journey of the heart of a female player, and the work involved in keeping her addiction a secret.

The production recently wrapped filming throughout the south suburbs of Chicago. "Chicago is our home town," Munez continued. "Our production team was top notch. We had great support from Kathy Byrne [of SAG-AFTRA], Brad Matthys [of Local 476], and so many other leaders in Chicago's film industry. We couldn't imagine filming anywhere else."

More about PROFESSOR MACK: The director’s vision for this romantic comedy is a film that will take the audience on a joyride in a world of dating from a female point-of- view. Audiences have always seen this point-of-view from the male perspective, and now it’s time to view it from the female perspective. It will also bring about real-life situations to help bring to the forefront a better understanding in the world of black love.

As this film heads to festivals and theaters later this year... as always, I'll keep you posted!

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