JJACK Productions Hires Samantha George

JJACK Productions Hires Samantha George

Samantha George, former Film Programmer and Filmmaker Services Coordinator of the Heartland Film Festival, joins JJack Productions as their newest full time Producer to kick off 2017.

With Chicago increasing the number of films, television shows, and all encompassing content it outputs, it only makes sense to keep the momentum going and evaluate new ways to support its flourishing film community. JJack Productions is growing rapidly with its increased commercial clientele, its Exposing The Crew platform, its Words of Wisdom Project, and its upcoming feature film Hunting God.

JJack Productions is one of the Founding Members of film incubator, Stage 18, which opened its newly renovated offices at Cinespace Chicago Film Studios in the last few months.

“The blueprinting conversations that are taking place in the Chicago indie community are so exhilarating. It’s all about ‘Streamlining’ the process so that Chicago has the development, funds, crew, infrastructure, and distribution,” said Justin Jackola, Film Director/Founder of JJack Productions. For 4 and a half years, Indianapolis-native Samantha George has worked with the Heartland Film Festival (now in its 26th year) during its rebranding process, and is an Associate Board member with Cinema/Chicago at the Chicago International Film Festival. Since 2014, she’s been freelancing as a filmmaker within the Indianapolis area, working with clients such as Conner Prairie and Dane Clark, the drummer for John Mellencamp.

“One of the main reasons we hired Samantha was because of her film festival expertise. Our Exposing The Crew platform is growing in leaps and bounds and we wanted to have someone who could help support that growth," commented Justin Jackola, Film Director/Founder of JJack Productions.

Exposing the Crew (ETC) is an online platform to show the world what independent projects are being created in Chicago. Every Tuesday ETC highlights a new indie film project and highlights one crew member from that project that did a particularly good job.

Samantha will help coordinate ETC, produce commercial projects, promote the JJack Brand, build the Words of Wisdom Project, and co-produce the feature film Hunting God for JJack Productions.

“In Chicago, you’re encouraged to be creative, and that creativity gets supported," added Samantha. "It’s the kind of thing that makes me excited to come into work – I love being able to cultivate that passion from filmmakers.”