Emmy Nom Melissa Berg Answers Five Questions with Screen

Emmy Nom Melissa Berg Answers Five Questions with Screen

Answering Five Questions with SCREEN this week is Melissa Berg, Senior Producer at Plum Productions, and Emmy Nominated Producer and Freelance Writer on the PBS Kids series, CURIOUS GEORGE.

SCREEN: Your greatest athletic achievement?

MELISSA: Winning Pitcher of the Year in a competitive co-ed softball league, edging out a bunch of meatheads with thick Boston accents. It was wicked awesome.

SCREEN: Most famous person you’ve ever met?

MELISSA: I waited on Dennis Quaid as a starstruck 21 year old. I ran up and down three flights of stairs to call a friend, and returned to find him swarmed with kids who must’ve been fans of THE ROOKIE. One of the smaller kids hit her head on the side of the table. He picked her up and called out, “What do I do, Melissa?” to which I frantically yelled, “I don’t know, Dennis Quaid!” The kid ended up with just a small bump on her head. I ended up with a red face from climbing all those stairs. But for a split second, Dennis Quaid knew my name and that was all that mattered.

SCREEN: Best summer vacation ever?

MELISSA: The week I spent with my parents in California that culminated at the Daytime Creative Arts Emmy awards. I didn’t take home a statue, but it was still fun hanging out and playing tour guide.

SCREEN: Tell us about this web series you’re developing?

MELISSA: It’s still in the early stages, but it’s about online dating and the ridiculousness that comes along with it. Centered around a woman who finds herself single in her thirties and clueless about dating, her stories are funny, bizarre, and downright horrifying.

SCREEN: If we only read one CURIOUS GEORGE book…

MELISSA: You can’t beat the original CURIOUS GEORGE book. Written in the 1940’s, it’s packed with stuff you could never get away with today, like George smoking a pipe or getting locked up in jail after calling the Fire Department. Classic.


SCREEN: Worst decision you made in college?

MELISSA: I was offered a paid internship on a new late night talk show on ABC. “Pfffttt…that guy from The Man Show? It won’t last a season. Hard pass.” Fourteen years later, JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE is still going strong. Good on ya, Jimmy!