Earhole tackles immigration policy, epilepsy

Earhole tackles immigration policy, epilepsy

Earhole Music & Sound, a Chicago-based music and audio production house, has made 2017 the year of “music with a mission.” Understanding the power music plays in emphasizing messages and stories, the company was personally selected to partner with some of the best storytellers in advertising, and create the audio landscape for two of Chicago’s biggest social initiatives: the Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE) Fundraiser, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s One Chicago.

The product of a special task force built by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, One Chicago aims to unify Chicagoans, and ensure that those from the immigrant and refugee communities feel safe and welcome. To emphasize some of the amazing individuals from these communities, One Chicago, led by the creative team at Ogilvy & Mather, created a series of videos highlighting the brave journeys immigrants have embarked on in order to call Chicago home. In need of a cohesive theme across the entire video series, Ogilvy & Mather asked Earhole to write and record a collection of musical scores that accentuated the feelings of fear, hope, perseverance, and acceptance that permeate each piece. Composers in both Earhole’s Chicago and Los Angeles studios ultimately created a total of 10 compositions that were used to tie the campaign together.

“As a Chicago-based company with a long history in the city, Earhole Studios was the perfect partner for this project," said David Hernandez, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather. "The musical score for One Chicago required a restrained approach that elevated the poignant immigration stories of numerous Chicagoans without ever overpowering them. As always, Earhole nailed it.”

One Chicago is by no means Earhole’s first foray into creating music with a mission. For the 9th straight year, the team served as the creative audio partner for the media portion of the annual Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE) Fundraising Event. Taking place on May 15th at the historic Navy Pier, the event featured none other than the Chicago cast of Hamilton. In addition to a live performance, star Miguel Cervantes (Alexander Hamilton) was featured in a touching film shown at the event. Earhole was tasked with creating a composition for this five-minute piece, one that matched the emotional story of the Cervantes family’s struggles with raising their young daughter Adelaide, who is fighting childhood epilepsy.

“CURE is an organization born of desperation," said David Axelrod, Former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama. Axelrod’s wife Susan co-founded CURE 1998 after the couple’s first daughter was diagnosed as epileptic.

"It was founded by heartbroken mothers of children with epilepsy, searching for better answers for children with uncontrolled seizures," Axelrod said. "For most of its 19 years, Earhole has helped the families of CURE tell their stories. Lending their talents to score CURE videos, the brilliant composers and musicians at Earhole have helped us move hearts and raise money for research that will save lives.”

Tom Wiebe, Executive Producer for Earhole Music & Sound, is proud of the company's recent work for these charitable causes.

“Earhole is incredibly proud to partner with CURE and One Chicago," said Wiebe."We are acutely aware of the power music has to reinforce messaging and create emotional bonds with viewers. Armed with this knowledge, our team is dedicated to continuing our work on making music with a mission, helping even more great organizations maximize their impact.”

You can view Earhole’s work for CURE, One Chicago, at their website here.