Call Sheet: Five Features for You to Follow

Call Sheet: Five Features for You to Follow

Here's a rundown of five features in all stages of production and at all levels of budget. Take a look, thanks for sharing and thank you for supporting these feature films:

THE NEW WIDOW: Chicago's Carrie Coon has joined the Steve McQueen thriller WIDOWS, currently filming throughout the city. The FARGO and THE LEFTOVERS star joins an ensemble that includes Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Liam Neeson and Colin Farrell. Coon will head back home to Chicago to shoot after she wraps work on THE PAPERS, Steven Spielberg’s journalism drama for DreamWorks centering on the Pentagon Papers. In case you missed my article about WIDOWS a few months back (click here to read): this thriller is based on the 1980s British TV series of the same name, starts out with a group of armed robbers being killed during a heist attempt. Their widows then decide to finish the job their spouses started. Coon's role in the film? She will play a widow who declines to join the others in their plan.

STAYING IN ORBIT: Acclaimed animator Chris Sullivan's hand-crafted feature film THE ORBIT OF MINOR SATELLITES is currently heading into its second half of production, and has a kickstarter underway for you to support. Sullivan's first feature, CONSUMING SPIRITS, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and garnered rave reviews around the world, including critics the likes of the New York Times A.O. Scott. THE ORBIT OF MINOR SATELLITES takes you into the richly imagined world inside the mind of a troubled sanitarium inmate. "It’s a dark story about love in a time of darkness," said Sullivan. "The film is shot starkly in black and white to better convey the dislocation of my main characters, the psychiatric patient and the doctor who treats her, and the imagined inhabitants of a forgotten Cold War space station on a moon of Saturn." This animated feature will be completed by late summer of 2019 but as for the kickstarter, there is only a week to go, so please click here to support this Midwest production.

Here's Chris to tell you more about the film and why he would love for you to support it:

PAGES KEEP TURNING: The political thriller THE PAGES is in its second week of filming, scheduled to shoot in Evanston and Chicago through early August. Tika Sumpter, Ben Tavassoli and Jamie Lee Curtis star, writer-director is Chicago's Joe Chappelle, whose directing credits include THE WIRE, FRINGE and CHICAGO FIRE. THE PAGES is a female driven story of obsession, betrayal and regret, produced by Colleen Griffen for production company CorradoMooncoin and executive produced by Candy Straight. Click here for my full article about THE PAGES earlier this month and I'll keep you posted as this feature forges ahead through the summer.

ARE YOU INTERESTED? Director Matt LeFevour is currently developing his feature film debut, AN INTERESTING STORY ABOUT AN UNINTERESTING GUY, and plans to film the feature in Chicago within the next eight months. LeFevour hosted a staged reading of the screenplay this past Saturday at the Robey Hotel in Wicker Park. LeFevour, who also wrote the screenplay, has assembled a superlative team that includes Producer Claire Connelly, Creative Producer Britt Boardman, Casting Director David O'Connor, Director of Photography Chris Wittenborn, Editor Josh Romero and talented actors such as Liam Gallogly and Jamal Duff. Regarding his triumphant comedy that taps the super hero in all of us, LeFevour told SCREEN, "We all can relate to other people's foolishness. We all want to be the hero one day, too. This story takes you on a ride to both extremes. You'll find yourself laughing at Carl's well intended mistakes and simultaneously rooting for him to pull through and save the day." Click here to follow the film on facebook and as this film heads into production... as always, I'll keep you posted.

THINK ABOUT IT: Eric Mattson's feature DUALITY OF MEMORY is an existential film about a woman who is struggling with major decision that will drastically alter her life forever. This poetic, thought-provoking drama has tapped Kara Zediker, whose credits range from the iconic Fox series 24 to the Illinois indie DIG TWO GRAVES, to play the lead role. Other cast members include Guy Wicke, Becky Mattson, Joanne Dubach and Arch Harmon. Production team includes producer Kevin Epperson of One Tear Productions and cinematographer Jason Deuchler. Shooting is scheduled to begin in July and will be filmed entirely in Chicago.

AND SPEAKING OF DIG TWO GRAVES: The Illinois indie is now available on demand. Do you want to support your hometown filmmakers? You gotta buy their films! Click here to buy DIG TWO GRAVES. It's $9.99. You can swing it, I promise!

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