NoiseFloor Adds Fourth Studio

NoiseFloor Adds Fourth Studio

Post-production audio facility NoiseFloor, Ltd. has completed a fourth audio room in their River North studios. It was built to accommodate a wide range of audio projects, but most specifically designed for a growing number of augmented reality(AR)/virtual reality(VR)/360 projects.

The fourth studio has the same capabilities as the other three including remote studio patches using ISDN, Source Connect, and Skype, as well as Music Composition, and Audio Editorial. With the recent introduction to augmented reality, virtual reality, and 360 videos, the new studio’s primary use will be for AR/VR/360 in video game design, commercial productions, and sound design.

“We saw a surge in demand for these unique formats at our studio at the end of 2016 and we expect more in 2017," says Co-Owner Cory Coken. "We found ourselves needing a room that specializes in the unique design and mixing needs of this format.”

In addition to having the same mixing capabilities as NoiseFloor’s existing studios (Stereo, 5.1, 7.1), the new room is capable of mixing in all AR/VR/360 audio formats.

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