charlietango Launches First Season of COMIC STRIP

charlietango Launches First Season of COMIC STRIP

charlieuniformtango has launched the first season of “Comic Strip” on a dedicated YouTube channel. “Comic Strip” is a special project from charlieuniformtango directors Jeremy Bartel and Lan Freeman, and executive producers Jeff Elmore and Lola Lott.

The concept is simple: there is freedom in restriction.  Like standard newspaper comics which are restricted to three panels to tell a story, “Comic Strip” is restricted to just three shots. The three-shot mandate forces brevity and clarity within the story being told. But that’s where the restrictions end. When it comes to subject matter, characters, or situations there’s no place “Comic Strip” won’t go.   The “Comic Strips” feature the talents of the charlieuniformtango team including original music by Nick Patronella and Chris Walker.

You can watch Season One on the “Comic Strip” YouTube channel. Here's the first episode. Feel free to binge!

CREDITS CREATIVE: Jeremy Bartel, Lan Freeman, Jeff Elmore

PRODUCTION CO: charlieuniformtango

Directors: Jeremy Bartel, Lan Freeman

Director of Photography: Jason Burks

Executive Producer: Lola Lott

POST PRODUCTION: charlieuniformtango

Editor: Alex Campos

Color & Finish: Artie Pena & Nicole Brieger

Mix: Russell Smith & Nick Patronella

Original Music: Nick Patronella & Chris Walker