Daily Planet's Jon Adler Crafts Tycho Fan Video

Daily Planet's Jon Adler Crafts Tycho Fan Video

When Jon Adler is working in his office at Daily Planet the music in the background is often from Tycho, an American ambient music project led by Scott Hansen.

Around Christmas or New Years, Adler, who is creative director of motion design, had a little spare time and decided to start working on a fun, personal, music video project for Tycho’s song DIVISION off the album EPOCH.

"In the room where we design and animate here at Daily Planet, the music of Tycho has been on high rotation, probably due to the fact that a couple of us find it conducive for working," said Adler. "Plus, I really admire the minimalist graphic design style of Scott Hansen, the principle creative force of Tycho."

The visual art, album covers, poster art, the countless sunset and landscape photos posted by Scott Hansen, all have a very strong and focused design sense, Adler feels, lending it a very abstract quality. So Adler decided to craft his own fan video.

"I picked a track off of this latest album that I connected with, and instantly started to visualize it as an animated album cover," said Adler. "Though there were several good contenders, DIVISION I felt, musically had a direction and focus and defined moments that built over time. The word ‘Division’ also conjures strong visual cues, and I thought I could have fun with elements and compositions splitting apart and coming back together. I wanted to play around with positive and negative space in a minimal way."

On Tycho's Youtube page, there was an official music video created for the song ‘Montana’ off their previous album. Adler used it as a jumping off point and made his video a sequel.

Over the course of a few weeks, spending an hour or two here or there, Adler finished the video.

"It was a very satisfying experience," he said. "It was fun to make, sometimes challenging to due to the restrictions I imposed on myself and the simplicity of the design. It's great to see that people have responded positively to the video and sometimes even turned on to the music of Tycho."

You can also watch the video on Adler's YouTube page here.

Daily Planet's Scott Marvel says Adler's work on the video shows his passion for the band's music.

“Jon’s amazing," said Scott Marvel. "He pursued this job with a passion and a love for the band’s aesthetic. The piece is hypnotizing and serves the music well.”