RADAR Director Fischer Premieres First Web Series

RADAR Director Fischer Premieres First Web Series

A new web series from RADAR Studios Director Neal E. Fischer is set to debut this Friday.

Written and directed by the Chicago-based Fischer, #WhoKilledHeather is his debut web series, in conjunction with co-creator Kevin Kirchman. The series follows Andrew Olson (David Raymond) as he decides to track down the serial killer who murdered his classmate, Heather Ross (Hannah Toriumi), for one of his final college projects.

The series features a stellar Chicago cast/crew and was sponsored by quite a few businesses: Jimmy Johns, JerkyXP, Metropolis, Soylent and How Did This Get Made? Podcast.

The series was the first week of March, in 2016, and filmed for about ten days in total, with five in the studio and five for supplemental material. For the past year, it's been in post-production, taking advantage of downtown at RADAR.

"It’s been a nice project to come back to over-and-over again in between commercial projects," Fischer says. "Like an old friend. If your friend was a film-noirish mystery with serial killer overtones and a few laughs along the way."

While it was written like a feature film, the team ultimately split up the plot into small arcs like a TV show and left each episode on a cliffhanger. It is told, primarily, from a single angle, a webcam.

"We were able to build our main dorm room set, and shoot the majority of the series in five days," Fischer says. "Setting up our homebase on RADAR's stage helped move production along, and made scheduling a breeze. Their support was invaluable in this process. I think a lot of filmmakers are moving to the web so they can be completely original with more complex ideas and styles, feeling free to swing for the fences. What the web series format allowed us was the opportunity to create a project with cinematic writing and high production value, in a genre that is often not explored in short form content."

The whole series will be thirty-six episodes, with episodes ranging between 4-7 minutes each. The first four episodes will premiere, May 5th, at 4PM CST on the series' YouTube channel. Following the premiere, the show will release one episode every Tuesday, and Thursday, at 4PM CST. There will be a one week hiatus after our mid-season finale, Episode 16, and then continue on with two episodes weekly until end the series on August 24th, with the last four episodes airing as our series finale.

And it could be something more, depending on the fans.

"We designed it in a way where there is a definitive end, like a mini-series," says Fischer. "Everyone will get their answers. However, never say never to a feature film adaptation, or a sequel/prequel of some sort if fans want it."

Check out the YouTube channel here and Fischer's commercial reel here.