Daily Planet Breaks New Ground

Daily Planet Breaks New Ground

Daily Planet yesterday unveiled a new video yesterday extoling the virtures of their latest initiative, going vegan.

It was, of course, a joke, but President Scott Marvel said that he received a great deal of feedback yesterday from friends and strangers thanking them for the comedic short, which showed the entire staff of the production and post company turning vegan.

"We’re always looking for fun stuff to do in between projects with clients," Marvel said. "We werere in an Uber a few months ago and Sara Wolfson asked me if I had the food? And I said, yeah, it's all vegan. They they said, wouldn't it be funny if we were a vegan company?"

Michael Gabriele, the company's Executive Producer/Director said that shooting and scripting the extreme concept was an interesting experience.

"It’s easy for Scott, but there’s a lot of considerations to take in mind," he said. "I really wondered how far we could take the idea starting from a simple script outline. How ridiculous could we make it."

The answer, as it turns out, was pretty ridiculous; the short, which showed staffers munching on kale, reached a crescendo as the office turned into a chicken/rooster sanctuary.

The animals came from a feed shop in Summit, Ill. Marvel picked them up last Friday.

"I’d never been that intimate with chickens," he said. "They put an empty cage in the back and then put the in cardboard boxes and said they'd be more comfortable that way."

So Marvel was driving back to the city on I-55 hearing clucking and pecking in the boxes.

"I’m thinking what happens if they jump out at me?" he asked. "I rode in the right lane so that if I had to pull onto the shoulder I'd be able to."

There wasn't, of course, an accident and the response has been huge.

"Comedy can be difficult, especially when you’re the subject matter," Marvel said. "You know the joke but how will people who don't know us take it?"

"Our best responses have been, thanks, I needed a laugh today, I shared it around the office," Marvel said.

The chickens were returned to Summit that evening.

"The drive back there, since I knew the chickens better, was a little less harrowing," Marvel said.