Beast Editor Gonzalez Cuts LET'S PLAY TWO

Beast Editor Gonzalez Cuts LET'S PLAY TWO

In what would be a dream job for any Chicagoan (or at least a North Sider), Beast Editor Dean Gonzalez cut the documentary feature LET'S PLAY TWO, a film that blends music and baseball capturing Pearl Jam's concerts at Wrigley Field during the Chicago Cub's magical 2016 season.

Directed by renowned music photographer Danny Clinch the film captures a unique relationship between the band Pearl Jam and the Chicago Cubs. The documentary melds impressive live footage from Pearl Jam’s two 2016 Wrigley Field concerts with the exciting thrill-ride of the Cubs’ historic World Series season.

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder’s unyielding passion for the formerly “cursed” Cubs ties these two seemingly unrelated worlds together.

“Wrigley has such a special place in Ed’s heart and we tried to get that feeling across in this film,” explained Gonzalez. “It was always our plan to incorporate the Cubs into the documentary, we just didn’t realize they were going to have such an incredible season.”

“We trusted the universe would deliver something special, and decided to keep it simple and allow the magic to happen,” said Clinch. “And it did.”

Pearl Jam and Clinch had previously collaborated on the 2007 concert documentary IMMAGINE IN CORNICE, as well as the short film LIGHTNING BOLT. The director also photographed the band’s 2013 Wrigley Field concerts. Their relationship continued when Clinch was brought on to document Pearl Jam’s return to Chicago in 2016.

“My relationship with the band gave me access to capture private moments while the band prepared for shows, as well as Eddie’s own personal journey growing up in Chicago going to Wrigley with his uncle as a kid.”

Chicago plays a prominent role in LET'S PLAY TWO not only on screen, but off.

“We wanted this project to encompass Chicago’s excitement and pride in connecting two of its cultural landmarks: baseball and music,” said producer Lindha Narvaez.

Clinch brought Chicago-based veteran film and music editor Dean Gonzalez onboard early in the process. Revered for playing 3+ hour shows, Pearl Jam didn’t disappoint fans at either of their sold-out Wrigley concerts. Gonzalez had countless hours of footage to work with and cut together 30 of the 60+ songs the band played.

Deciding what to include in the final film was no easy feat; “Each one [of the songs] was such a great performance, it was really hard to pick which ones to edit out,” said Gonzalez.

Story editor Taryn Gould was brought on to focus on the Cubs narrative as they inched closer and closer to making history.

“Following our sensibilities as filmmakers and allowing the story to unfold naturally led us to capture this extraordinary moment in real time,” said Clinch.

LET'S PLAY TWO captures a city united by a monumental win and a monumental performance. It’s a true celebration.

The documentary premiered at Chicago’s Metro on September 27th, before opening throughout the U.S., Canada, and beyond. It airs on Fox Sports 1 on October 13th, following Game 1 of the 2017 American League Championships.


Beast/Method Producer: Joanna Woods

Beast/Method Production Coordinator: Claire Smalley

Beast Chicago

Editor: Dean Gonzalez

Assistant Editor: Mark Sheridan

Method Studios Chicago

Finishing Artist: Mark Anderson

Finish Assistant: Beth Cantafio

Noise Floor

Audio Mixer: Cory Coken

Producer: Katie Waters