NoiseFloor Brings A Game to Two AAA Video Games

NoiseFloor Brings A Game to Two AAA Video Games

Chicago-based audio post company NoiseFloor Ltd. has completed work on two AAA video game contracts this year so far.

Their first contract, started in December of 2016, was with Netherrealm/Warner Brothers for “Injustice 2”, the super-powered sequel to the hit game “Injustice: Gods Among Us.” NoiseFloor was contracted to edit and mix all of the localized dialogue for the cinematics for all five languages that the game ships with.

The other contract, which was started in April 2017 was with Bungie/Activision for “Destiny 2” where players serve as one of humanity’s last remaining Guardians. For this game, NoiseFloor sound designed and mixed cinematics, all in 5.1.

“It was an intense four or five months getting the projects finished, but we are eager for more," says NoiseFloor Partner/Sound designer Jamie Vanadia.

To better accommodate the increased project workload, NoiseFloor expanded from three audio rooms in 2016 to five just this year; each studio adding new functions and features. The two new rooms have enabled them to fulfill the needs of their AAA video game partners, as well as their audio work in many other mediums.

“Timelines are critical when working on video games, the sound design is intense and requires a lot of horsepower in terms of technology and all of our rooms deliver that," says Bryen Hensley, one of NoiseFloor’s lead sound designers. “There were times when we had three, four or even all five rooms working on one part of the game”