Showtime Snags DEAD DRAW, Chicago Premiere Tonight

Showtime Snags DEAD DRAW, Chicago Premiere Tonight

It's a big week for a long-awaited Midwest-made feature. Illinois indie DEAD DRAW from Chicago-based filmmaker Brian Klemesrud premieres on Showtime this week and will have its Chicago theatrical debut tonight, October 5th at 7:00 pm at the Landmark's Century Centre Cinema, 2828 N, Clark St.

DEAD DRAW is an unnerving, intense, claustrophobic crime-thriller starring Gil Bellows (PATRIOT, SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION), Bitsie Tulloch (GRIMM), Michael Eklund (THE CALL) and Chicago-based actor Andy Ahrens (CHICAGO FIRE).

DEAD DRAW follows four criminals whose perfect heist turns deadly when they discover that their get away pilot was brutally murdered. Stranded in a frozen hangar and held hostage by someone outside, loyalty turns to suspicion and friends turn to enemies. Now it’s a race against time as the four criminals try to uncover the rat and escape their pasts… if they can survive the night.

DEAD DRAW has won critical acclaim at film festivals across the country, including the Audience Choice award at the San Diego International Film Festival, Best Ensemble Cast at SOHO Film Fest and Best of the Fest at Metro Film Fest.

Meet the Crew That Survived the Polar Vortex

First things first, give this team a round of applause for filming in the record-cold polar vortex of 2014 in Chicago and Lincoln, IL. At night. Alongside Klemesrud, the film was produced by Dan Kolen (GANGLAND), Katie Bryan (AMERICAN GREED), Cinematographer/Producer Jim Timperman (SCALENE), and Actor/Producer Faust Checho of FSC Productions (PROXY).

Mark Yaeger (QUEEN OF THE DESERT) and Gueorgui Linev from the band Kan Wakan composed the original score. Philippe Thibault (ARRIVAL) was the Digital Effects Supervisor. Chicago-based graphics designer Rachel Oftedahl was Production Designer. Touring member of Iron and Wine Jim Becker, and Chicago singer-songwriter Becky Levi composed the many country-style tracks that set the tone of the film.

The event will be sponsored by Women In Film and the Q & A following the screening will feature contributions made to the film by aforementioned Katie Bryan, Rachel Oftedahl and Becky Levi.

For more information and the latest news about the film visit: Click here to buy your tickets for tonight's Chicago theatrical premiere at Landmark's Century Centre Cinema.