Dastmalchian, Pollak Lead TEACHER This Month

Dastmalchian, Pollak Lead TEACHER This Month

Actor David Dastmalchian (ANT-MAN, THE DARK KNIGHT, BLADE RUNNER: 2049) returns to the Midwest to act in the independent feature film, TEACHER, written and directed by Adam Dick. Currently shooting in Chicago and nearby suburbs Addison, North Riverside, Lisle, Barrington, and Wood Dale, TEACHER is in its third week of production and wraps September 20th.

Adam mentioned to Screen Magazine how he and Dastmalchian came together, “We were just floating through some of the same circles, and after I saw ANIMALS, which [David] also wrote and produced, I knew that he was such a special talent with a distinctive and singular presence.” When the two of them finally met, it was a dream come true for Adam, who for many years longed to work with the talented actor, writer, producer. In regard to working with Dastmalchian, he states that “it's an honor and pleasure to be both audience and collaborator in his work as we make this movie together.”

TEACHER started off as a short film Adam released in 2016, which he used to promote the story, and raise funds for the feature version now in production. The story follows a high school English Teacher, James Lewis, who goes to great lengths to protect a two students from complicated bullying situation. Dastmalchian, who plays Lewis, the lead character and protagonist of the story, is joined on screen with the talented Kevin Pollak (THE USUAL SUSPECTS, CASINO, A FEW GOOD MEN), and a variety of Chicago-based and L.A. talent, including Cedric Young, Curtis Edward Jackson, Esme Perez, Helen Joo Lee, John Hoogennaker, Matthew Garry, and Shawna Waldron.

Adam Dick, who originated from one of Chicago’s northside suburbs, is happy to bring the work back home. “I'm from the Chicagoland area, and my family goes back four generations in Chicago. It has always been my dream to be a small part of elevating the city's film culture.” He is teaming up with producers Matthew Helderman, owner of BondIt Media Capital and Buffalo 8 Productions, as well as Los Angeles-based Hawaii native Zachary Kamen, and local Chicago Line Producer/UPM Kori Murray to bring this story to the screen. Also joining the team is John Klein (Cinematographer), JT Muller (Sound Mixer), Katharin Mraz (Production Designer), and J. R. Daniel Hanna (Editor).

It is Adam’s hope that his movie not only helps end bullying, but also comfort those who are in pain and potentially hurting themselves. “I think everyone who loves movies has had that moment in the theater when a film wrapped its arms around them and told them it understood. In contrast, there's also those moments when a movie shows you something you've never experienced and gives you an understanding and empathy.” With such a powerful message, cast, and crew it would be hard to imagine the film not being very impactful on audience members for many years to follow.

In the end, when asked about his next project, Adam simply replied, “At this stage, I'm putting everything I have into this film. It's the total culmination of what I have to offer at this time, for better and worse.” Check back with SCREEN for updates as this powerful story heads to festivals in 2018.

Katharin "K" Mraz is a Chicago-based Producer, Screenwriter, Production Designer, Actress, Model, and the owner of three media companies based out of Chicago, Ladie K Productions, Inc., Creative Works Media, Inc., and Smart Pretty Designs, Inc. Learn more about K here at LadieK.com or email her at info@LadieK.com