Cutters Studios' 'Project For Good' Delivers First Initiative

Cutters Studios' 'Project For Good' Delivers First Initiative

A new social good initiative at Cutters Studios was launched earlier this year in an effort to achieve a truly altruistic goal. They're calling it their "Project for Good." It was organized formally to leverage the talent and capabilities of the combined company to craft videos that could, for example, aid a non-profit or charitable endeavor.

"I've been part of Cutters Studios for ten years now, and there has always been a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for the work we do," said Ryan Schnizlein, Cutters Studios' Chief Technology Officer, who is also a member of the Project For Good curatorial committee. "Project For Good is the perfect representation of the company's values, our combined strengths, and our collective desires to make positive differences."

In its first cycle, the call for proposals yielded eight submissions. Among them, Chicago-based Digital Services Specialist Adrianna McKinley submitted a request for a short film to help her local non-profit organization, Bootstrap Villages strategically tell its story using the power of video. McKinley and her Bootstrap Villages board members felt certain a well-crafted film could provide vital support to their mission, which is to build a tiny house village and provide services for homeless individuals in Chicago.

Project For Good: Bootstrap Villages Launch from Cutters Studios on Vimeo.

"Our committee consisting of myself, Kathryn Hempel, Cindy Duffy and Craig Duncan weighed the merits of all the submissions, and chose Bootstrap Villages based on our sense of how impactful we felt our contributions could be," Schnizlein confirmed. As a side note, he also mentioned that the group agreed to underwrite Flavor LA Creative Director Jason Cook's public service announcement for California water conservation.

For McKinley, the Project For Good inspiration she felt from everyone in the company ran deep, resulting in the magnificent film she had hoped for.

"For the film itself, which reflects contributions from every office and facet of Cutters Studios, everyone here helped us construct our narrative in a way that ensures viewers can understand and respond to our goals," she said. "We were also given the chance to visit the successful Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon, in person."

McKinley continued, "The people here have been endlessly supportive with offers to help outside of the film, actively participating in our fundraisers, and even allowing me to adjust my work schedule to accommodate the needs of Bootstrap Villages. Without a doubt, our non-profit's growing success is due to the giving nature of everyone here."

While Schnizlein and his fellow committee members are beginning to think of the next round of Project For Good, the emphasis for now is on "feeling our way forward and doing everything we can to deliver on the goals of the first projects." With that said, the second round is likely to open within the weeks ahead. "From there," he added, "determining what happens next really depends on what we see, how everyone feels about the submissions and where those conversations lead us."