FCB Helps Glad Test 'Toughest Bag Ever'

FCB Helps Glad Test 'Toughest Bag Ever'

Clorox’s Glad kicks off “Torture Tests,” this week, an online effort to promote its new ForceFlex Advanced Protection trash bag. To highlight the features of its “toughest trash bag ever,” Glad, together with agency partner FCB Chicago, took an interesting approach: They illustrated the bag’s ability to withstand wear and tear by linking it to a common and relatable situation in which “bags” – of another type – undergo torture: airline travel luggage.

“Glad created its toughest trash bag ever and to prove it, we put it to the ultimate test,” says Liz Taylor, chief creative officer of FCB Chicago. “Instead of the classic product demo, we decided to put a creative twist to it: If this trash bag can handle traveling cross-country through airports –through the baggage handling system, on airplanes and out the luggage carousels – then it can handle your everyday kitchen trash.”

In “Torture Tests,” we follow an official Glad trash bag tester as she carefully monitors the “toughest trash bag ever” as it undergoes the process that all airport luggage normally go through. Tried and tested at different airports across the country, the Glad ForceFlex Plus Advanced Protection trash bag emerges unscathed through each phase of the airline luggage inspection, handling and travel process. The takeaway? If Glad ForceFlex Advanced Protection can handle this type of test, it can handle one’s everyday kitchen trash.

“We created Glad’s toughest kitchen bag to handle whatever you throw at it so you won’t have to worry about the risk of a trash disaster," Nick Higgins, Glad Marketing Director. "If our ForceFlex Plus Advanced Protection kitchen bag can handle all this, it can handle your trash."


Campaign: Glad “Torture Tests”

Client: Glad (The Clorox Company)

VP, Marketing Specialty: Jon Schlesinger

Glad Director of Marketing: Nick Higgins

Associate Brand Director, Glad Waste Management: Jennifer Schneider

Associate Director, Advertising & Comm: Nick Montgomery

Associate Marketing Manager, Glad Waste Management: Lauren Pitts

Glad Trash Bag Consumer Research & Demo Development Expert: Lehai Vu

Associate Director, Advertising & Comm Production: Boris Nurko

Group Manager, Talent & Rights Management: Tricie Evans

Agency: FCB Chicago

Chief Creative Officer: Liz Taylor

Worldwide Creative Partner: Fred Levron

Executive Creative Director: Lisa Bright

Creative Director: Dean Paradise

Creative Director: Bruno Mazzotti

VP Creative Director: Martin Serra

Sr. Art Director: Luis Sierra

Sr. Art Director: Franki Geib

Sr. Copywriter: Kate Cullen

SVP, Executive Producer: John Bleeden

Executive Producer: Joe Tipre

Director of Music: Stump Mahoney

VP, Director of Strategic Planning: Mary Jo Corby

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