Yessian LA Scores Big on Film, TV

Yessian LA Scores Big on Film, TV

It’s been a busy few months for Detroit-based Yessian Music’s LA office, where the composing team of Andy Grush and Taylor Stewart, together The Newton Brothers, have been crafting original scores for a variety of television and film projects.

Their most recent project is the score for the film EXTINCTION, starring Michael Pena. They wrote the entire score for the film.

“It was sort of a big, bombastic, orchestral-meets-synthesizer score,” Grush said. “And we wrote a song for it – it really is a great film.”

There isn’t a release date yet for the film but it’s expected between mid-February and April. It’s just the latest effort from the two composers, who have been writing music together since the early 2000s.

“We picked our name, the Newton Brothers, because they wanted to be cool enough to score FIGHT CLUB 2, but not so cool that they were out of the running for LEGENDS OF THE FALL 2,” Grush said.

And that approach has clearly been working well especially since joining Yessian in 2003 – they’re currently working on a show for television network USA called FALLING WATER, and an up-coming horror mini-series based on the classic book, “The Haunting of Hill House.”

The VR work has been particularly busy, Grush says, though the tech still induces nausea in him.

“It’s been getting busier and busier,” Grush said. “The film and TV work that Taylor and I do is a nice compliment with the stuff coming in with Yessian, especially the experiential, VR, theme park attraction work.”

Licensing is another area that where they’ve seen a lot of growth.

“It spans the spectrum of TV, film, commercial and promotional,” Grush said. “For us, in the end, it’s just writing music.”

While this focus on film and TV has traditionally been the bread and butter of LA offices, particularly of Midwest-based companies, Grush said Yessian has been seeing an influx of advertising work from locally-based agencies.

“In the last two years we’ve seen a lot of the ad agencies that ramped up their offices on the West Coast,” he said. “Our work with agencies like Deutsch, 72andSunny and GSP has exploded by ten times.”

But perhaps what Grush enjoys most about the job is his ability to play the role of local tour guide.

“Obviously New York and Chicago are meccas for film these days, but it’s nice when people come out to do shoots in LA,” Grush said. “A lot of times Michael Yessian will hit me up and let me know that so-and-so is coming in from Chicago and you guys should go surfing. And I never pass up a chance to go surfing.”