Filmworkers, Vitamin Bought By Carbon

Filmworkers, Vitamin Bought By Carbon

Three prominent names in Chicago’s film and creative community were united this month in a deal that saw Filmworkers and Vitamin purchased and combined with Carbon under one roof.

The deal, only finalized at the start of 2018, sees the three companies fully combined and operating together out of the Hubbard St. space, also shared with Whitehouse Post and Cap Gun at 54 W. Hubbard St.

The concept to buy the companies was born out of the long relationship between Alan Kubicka, owner and founder of FilmWorkers, and David Brixton, Managing Partner at Whitehouse Post.

“When Alan decided he wanted to step back, he called on David as a long-time friend, someone he knew had the bandwidth to do something creative with the brands,” said Phil Linturn, Managing Director at Carbon. “Carbon already had a rapidly growing footprint in this market and we found that this was really a perfect fit with everything that Filmworkers and Vitamin had going on.”

“We now have thirty-plus artists, producers and support staff, working together with cutting-edge technology, and we’re just coming right out of the gate,” said Derek Goldsmith, formerly EP at Filmworkers and now Senior Producer at Carbon.

What makes the companies a good fit, Linturn suggests, is the differing spheres of work they’ve established with their combined three creative directors, Liam Chapple of Carbon, Rob Churchill of Filmworkers and Danny DelPurgatorio of Vitamin.

“We’re also extremely excited to see the synergy between the incoming talent and the nine top-flight editors at The Whitehouse” Linturn said.

They also re-located the Vitamin shoot stage over to Hubbard St adding vital increased shoot capabilities to their existing set-up.

“Given that Carbon was already doing more and more practical, directorial and shoot work ourselves, we’ll be adding a lot of breadth to our creative offering” says Linturn.

The merge also adds a second colorist in Jeff Altman to Carbon’s own Maria Carretero.

Perhaps the un-sung heroes of the merge, however, were the team of Whitehouse Group engineers that came together from across the world to combine the companies.

“Carbon’s tech team from London, New York, LA and Chicago all, worked hand in hand with the engineering team from Filmworkers and Vitamin”, Goldsmith said. “allowing artists to simply shut down on Friday and pick up seamlessly on Monday without any interruption to our client’s schedules – quite a feat.”