Victoria Salazar Joins NoiseFloor

Victoria Salazar Joins NoiseFloor

NoiseFloor Ltd. has brought on their first new employee of 2018; Victoria Salazar as a Sound Editor. Victoria graduated from Tribeca Flashpoint College in May 2016 with a degree in Applied Science with a concentration in Recording Arts. After graduation, she spent time working in the Equipment Department at Tribeca Flashpoint and assisting their Summer Camp Program for high schoolers who are interested in recording arts.

She found NoiseFloor Ltd. after stumbling upon our internship program, which she started early last year. Victoria continued as an intern for two full rounds because of her work ethic and ear for sound. During her internship she won two of the monthly intern contests and took home first place in the Audio Category of the AICE Tent City Competition.

In October, she was asked to come on board as an independent contractor. “At the end of summer, NoiseFloor was a part of the 48 Hour Film Project, which is about as intense as it gets in terms of post audio in a short period of time. We only had about 5 hours to make the 7 minute film sound great. I threw Victoria into the deep end of the pool and she delivered under a high pressure situation.” says Bryen Hensley She worked on “Single: And Bad at It”, a two season web series and has collaborated on several other productions, some of which NoiseFloor Ltd. is still working on.

In early January, NoiseFloor made the decision to hire her permanently as a Sound Editor.

“Victoria has proven herself project after project. She was an easy hire,” says Jamie Vanadia, NoiseFloor Ltd. Owner, Sound Designer, and Mixer.