Tessa Films, Seymour Bring "Spokespuppet" Success to Eyeglass World

Tessa Films, Seymour Bring "Spokespuppet" Success to Eyeglass World

Tessa Films Director Toben Seymour has partnered again with The Richards Group to direct a package of thirty-second spots for the retailer Eyeglass World. This new campaign marks the third collaboration between the director, the agency and the client.

All of Seymour’s Eyeglass World spots feature the loquacious “Mr. World,” the brand’s spokes-puppet, who was born in the director’s own creative workshop, Seymour Creatures. In each spot, Mr. World interacts with a live action environment, and is often seen in full body shots. As he addresses the camera, he compares his various adventures to the stellar qualities of Eyeglass World, such as its fast service, the visually appealing styles it offers customers or its ease of shopping, whether in store or online.

For example, in “Superhero,” we see Mr. World in costume at a comics convention, surrounded by cosplaying enthusiasts. In “Sidecar,” Mr. World is dashing through the countryside in a motorcycle sidecar, scarf flying in the breeze, with an attractive woman steering the bike. In “Spacewalk,” Mr. World is taking an EVA up in orbit, and we see him tumbling through space, tethered to his capsule. Each spot ends with a shot of the Eyeglass World store and product shots of frames. Here is "Spacewalk"...

Seymour works with a team of experienced puppeteers and builders to help execute these complex scripts, which often feature location shoots, a minimum of VFX wizardry and lots of in-camera effects.

Success of the Spokespuppet

“When our clients returned again this year, they let us know that this campaign for Eyeglass Word featuring the adorable Mr. World, had surpassed the success of a campaign for a competitor that features a CG character,” Tessa Executive Producer Lisa Masseur told SCREEN. “I think this proves that puppets are simply more relatable since they have a human quality and a heart that just can’t be replicated in CG characters – no matter. We hope this new campaign brings Eyeglass World even more success.”

Looking ahead to future projects, Masseur continued, “We are also happy to report that director Toben Seymour is at work in his home studio and that puppet characters continue to be a great solution – maybe even more so during this time of COVID-19.”

Eyeglass World Credits

Client: National Vision, Inc.

Kevin Hassey - Interim Chief Marketing Officer; Jeff Pierson - VP of Brand Marketing; Kelli Miley - Brand Marketing Specialist

Agency: The Richards Group

Todd McArtor - Creative Group Head/AD; Danny Bryan - Creative Group Head/W; Nathan Corley - Principal; Blake Falser - Brand Management; David Rucker - Senior Producer; Anne Watkins - Business Affairs

Production Company: Tessa Films

Toben Seymour - Director; Lisa Masseur - Executive Producer; Jonah Mueller - Producer; Travis Auclair - Director of Photography; Tessa Posnansky - Production Designer

Puppet Crew:

Paul McGinnis - Lead Puppeteer; Greg Ballora - Puppeteer; Christine Papalexis - Puppeteer

Editorial: Treehouse

John McStravick - Editor; Jeremy Besser - Executive Producer; Kimberly Estrada - Producer; Bryan Bayley - Effects Supervisor